Affiliated to The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), New Delhi                                                                        School Code: PU 101


The Trinity School

Asalpur, P.O. Nainowal Jattan, Hoshiarpur.

Punjab (India)

Phone: 01882-284141



All of us have our own 'true visions'. Our own 'truths' our own dreams which are often obscured by the numerous 'untruths' and the social pressures that surround us. If, through rational  thought and the quest for wisdom, we can re-discover our own subjective truths and have the courage to break through the constructs of desire and the requirements of unethical or weak social acceptability, we can reach the innate personal truth that is so similar to The Truth that leads to true Freedom and Reality. In other words, through our own consciousness and the development of our innate power and the search for truth, which is the aim of all religion and true education, we can attain wisdom and can know the Reality and Freedom which is there for us all and is the ultimate aim of true education and all religion that leads to spirituality beyond differences.
Though, basically, The Trinity School is a Christian institution, it is our endeavor here to motivate and guide our students to this, aforementioned Reality by following their own true paths through critical, rational and courageous thought and faith in God and humanity. This, we believe, will lead to peaceful co-existence among the peoples of the world and give us a beautiful, Natural Environment. We will try to work with these
aims and objectives in mind and will try to ensure that we take care of the small things that lead to greater heights.

As Helen Kells succinctly put it, "Knowledge is love and light and vision." The first thing that we have to give the child is love but love has so many definitions… To my mind, love is something which enriches and improves a person. It is not love if we simply give children what they ask for but it is love if we can discipline them and prepare them for the arduous journey of life. Like the kite cannot fly high without a string, a child cannot rise without discipline. It is this discipline which gives courage and self-confidence and lets the child work hard and reach the light of knowledge and develop a vision for herself/himself which may, in some cases, lead to The Truth. It is this discipline hard work and courage we aim at, in Trinity, for which we seek God`s Blessings and the parents support and cooperation.